Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sandra Annette Bullock was born on 26 July,1964 in Virginia. She is an American actress born to John W. Bullock and Helga Mathilde Meyer, was a singer and voice teacher. She started her career with a small role in thriller Hangmen. She made her breakthrough with film Demolition Man and bagged several awards such as the Academy Award for Best Actress and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama. She managed to start her own production house ‘Fortis films‘.


Bullock had a very hard luck with relationships. She married Jesse James and in 2010 several women claimed to have affairs with James. She filed a divorce against him. In 2015, Bullock started dating photographer Bryan Randall. But despite of all odds, she has been very successful in her acting as well as production career. She has done over 50 films. Bullock has amassed a fortune of $200 million. Her role in Gravity(2013) and Minions(2015) made her the highest paydays for female actress in Hollywood.

Bullock at age of 51, looks even younger than what she must. She might have undergone many plastic surgeries to have a younger look. There is always a pressure on leading actresses to look best with such a heavy competition. There is a fear of being replaced by other stars. So she might have ended up with many plastic surgeries to be in the race.

Sandra Before and After Plastic Surgery


Nose job

Sandra’s original nose was a round one. Her nose now looks much sharper from the end. Her new nose looks perfect and even enhances her look. Her surgeon carefully changed her nose to give a more natural look. There is a slight change at the tip of the nose which looks perfect on her.This new nose is capable of complementing her face cut well.


She never admitted having plastic surgeries though her looks tell us all. She insists that she maintains a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. There were speculations about her facelift and injections for the same. Her forehead now looks much uplifted which makes her face really  desirable.


Botox injections and fillers

Bullock’s  eyes looks puffed which again proves that she might have taken Botox injections which helps in pulling of edges of brow and lifting the lids. And it seems that she takes filler injections for her mouth to give them a   puffed look. Her face is still wrinkles free, which suspects that she might has undergone plastic surgery. Sandra’s denial to all the above surgeries has divided her fans. Sandra  Bullock is the only one who can reveal the truth of her beauty. The botox injections eliminated the saggy look.


The surgeries and cosmetic help has added years to her Hollywood career and skin. She looks ten times younger and hundred times prettier. People now admire her not only for her acting skills but her radiant skin that glows 24*7. But when the speculations of taking surgeons help come into the picture, it can ruin all the respect and change the look with which people look upon you.

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