Kate Moss Diet Plan Revealed


Katherine Anna Moss also know as Kate most is one of the sexiest British supermodels. With a perfectly sculpted size, zero figure kate has won over a lot of hearts. The British fashion icon was born on January 16th , 1974 in the city of Croydon ,Greater London. The cute little child grew up to be a very pretty toddler. So she decided to show off her beauty and started to model at an early of 14 years. The Godfather who gave her a breakthrough in the fashion industry was Sarah Doukas.download-28


Kate has continued to grow since that day and is still growing.The young girl has achieved a great position in the fashion industry in no time. She is a role model to millions of young girls out there, even I think of her as my inspiration. Since her first fashion show, she has worked as a model for Gucci, Chanel, Kalvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and for many other renowned companies . Companies had a growing demand for her. Recently in 2012 she was listed 2nd in the top earing models. After that, the kate was continuously seen on cover pages of various magazines like vogue,W , vanity Fair etc.

Now as spiderman said, ” with great power comes great responsibilities”. This quote applies in the field of fashion too. You can’t just claim to be a supermodel. One has to work hard to reach that status. Kate is a real live example fo that. I know she has been actually blessed with a sexy supermodel body, but she has really worked hard to maintain it. Over the year she has only turned hotter and sexier. With heavy workouts and strict balanced diet, the Kate has achieved and maintained the size zero body for years now. So let us just take a look at her diet plan.


The supermodel follows Vibrancy diet plan. For those who don’t what it is, let me give you a brief. Well, the vibrancy diet plan is a diet plan that consists of having 3 nutrient rich meals in a day. Let us see what happens in case of Kate moss-

1.) Breakfast – Kate is breakfast fan. In an interview, she said that she simply loves to have breakfast. So to kickstart the day, she eats some toast, freshly cut fruits, and probiotic yogurt.
2.) Lunch – She likes to have a heavy lunch . For that, she usually eats grilled chicken along with a lot of protein rich green veggies.
3.) Dinner – Finally to end the day in style, she eats some veggies with grilled fish.

-Apart from all this, she has no fetish from drinks. She tries to maintain her distance from alcohol. Still, as an occasional drink, she loves to enjoy vodka with fresh lemon.
– She loves to drink water. Kate tries to have as much water as possible throughout the day. Particularly she drinks ample amount of water prior to every meal.
– The detox diet- Once or twice every year she switches to this detox diet where she only survives on fruits and liquids. KATE hAS BEEN Seen alot together with priyanks, we wonder what would be priyanka’s diet secret.

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