Jessica Biel Diet Secrets


Jessica Biel is surely one of the hottest chicks in the Hollywood film industry. I am a huge fan of Jessica and just love to see her perform. I have known her from my childhood days, watching her on 7th Heaven every weekend. Since then I have admired her beauty. It is amazing how time has refined her beauty and skills as an actress.

Her appearance in Blade Trinity, and total recall , and her famous character of Mrs. Timberlake took her to touch the sky. She gained the popularity people can only dream about. The young actress became a hottest fashion icon of the lifestyle. She was on fire, and in no time Biel was on the list of world’s sexiest women. Did you know her diet plan is among the Top Celebrity Diet Plan And Workouts

All these things about her sound amazing, but not a bit of it was easy to achieve. She has worked her ass off to become what she is now. People admire her passion towards her career and the way she works to get what she wants. Her performance as an actoress improved with the experience, but the beauty still remains a secret for a lot of you out there.Well let me tell you, she has worked day and night to look so good. Her Diet and workout routines are not easy to follow. So let us all take a better look at her journey , how she became the sexiest women on earth.

Out of my Curiosity and love for Biel, I did some research about her diet and workout and as expected, the young gun has worked very hard to achieve her healthy physique. She is not like other celebs who says eat all and no workout. As an honest person, she admits that she loves her body more than the tongue. She says perfect balanced diet and regular workout is necessary for looking sexy.

Jessica eats a healthy balanced diet in 6 out of the 7 weekdays. The seventh day is the cheat day, where she eat the food she craves for. She eats 5 – 6 times a day . Have a multiple no. of small meals a day is a very effective diet method used by a lot of fitness trainers. And speaking of diet all she has is vegetables, grain proteins, animal proteins, fruits etc. Now let’s sneak a peek into her diet chart for a day-



She is not a big of breakfast. So to start her day off she eats oatmeals with berries and nuts + egg whites sandwiched between whole grain bread.


She calls it the mid-morning breakfast. For that, she usually has a mixed berry protein shake. ( pea protein powder + freshly cut fruits like banana and strawberry)


The day continues with some more boring food. For lunch, she eats grilled chicken salad and baked potatoes with sweet corn and tuna.

Mid afternoon lunch

She really haves a lot of mid eating breaks. So for the mid-afternoon lunch or snack, she eats fruits (like an apple of banana ) ,and a handful raw almonds.


Finally she ends the day with the most boring food . Steamed green veggies + Lemon Grilled Salmon.


Just like any other human, she also has a fetish for sweet dishes. There is no specific sweet dish (anything goes). When it comes to desserts Selena Gomez Diet Plan Workout Routine is the best example.


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