Fergie- Hot looks, A Work Of Plastic Surgery ?


Fergie was born on 27 March, 1975. She was born in Hacendia, California to Roman Catholic teachers Theresa Ann and Jon Patrick Ferguson. In her earlier years she worked as a cheerleader, A- grade student, and a spelling bee champion.

She started her career at an early age, when she commenced her career in commercials and in the cast of “Kids incorporated”. She next joined famous band the Black Eyed Peas and sang a song “Shut up” for them, which proved to be a world fame for her.Their album named “Elephunk” in 2003, became a huge hit with famous songs ‘Where is the love’ and ‘ Hey Mama’. She enjoyed the success with ‘ Black eyed Peas’ and later released her own solo. She later released a solo debut album called “The Duchess”. Her songs topped the billboard lists. Her five solo songs and six with the Black Eyed Peas have been downloaded two million times in US. She is married to Josh Duhamel.


She is well known American singer and she follows a healthy lifestyle, her  changed looks and appearance reveals the truth of plastic surgeries. Although she is denying all that rumours, but her earlier photos are so different from recent ones that one could easily recognize the change. It is true that Black eyed peas singer improved her appearance and looks more confident than before. Following are the Fergie After Plastic Surgery.

Nose Job

In 2004, she decided to change her look of nose. Her nose looks more thinner and tips look more redefined. She does not admit it, but her old pictures are defining it all. This kind of change is possible only if someone had underwent plastic surgery.

Lip Fillers and Cheek Implants

She was suspected to underwent more operations on her face to have a good appearance. Now her lips looks more fuller and bigger, makes for new rumours. In addition to lips job, her cheeks looks more puffed and rounded than before. It suspects that she has undergone plastic surgery. Still she denies all the plastic surgeries leaving her fans divided and spread of more rumours.

download-24Breast Implants

Fergie shaped boobs had been in a great speculation for a long time. Someone to have a perfect round and shaped breast as she has can be achievable with the help of surgeons. Black Eyed Peace singer does not admit this speculation. She has been following balanced diet and massive exercise to be in shape, but in order to have shape and cleavage she suspects to have a plastic surgery. It is difficult for people to believe that her breast has a natural look, because of his pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Fergie daily routine and surgeries, make her even more beautiful. She might have underwent different surgeries, fact is that she has a heathy lifestyle and that helps her look good and if she wants to look good and beautiful, she most likely achieved it. When it comes to Breast Implant Kylie Jenner plastic surgery Before and after Photos are the best description.


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