An Overview of PC Hardware

by Johnathan
Hardware Devices

Computers are one of the most important machines in the life of present man. Be it an organization or a home, everyone needs computer today. This is because computers allow us to do endless things such as listening to music, saving pictures, making presentations, saving information, watching movies, and a lot more.
In the past, computers were very intricate devices. They were big machines which were not as easy to operate as the computers of today. With time computers have become very sophisticated. Even a cell phone can contain a computer now.

Being made of a number of parts, a computer basically is made of a combination of hardware and software. Particularly the computer hardware makes its body. It can be defined as the electronic, magnetic, and electric devices which perform the computing functions. Hardware makes the physical parts of a computer. These include microprocessor, hard disks, RAM, and motherboard. However besides these monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, and speakers can also be considered as a part of computer hardware.

The other programs which allow you to do various functions like designing or writing something in the computer are the software such as MS word, Photoshop etc. To understand the difference between software and hardware, let us take an example of a DVD player. The actual DVD forms the hardware, and on the other hand, its songs or videos in the form of CD are the software components.

Computers Hardware

Computers hardware can also be described as executors of the instructions given by software programs. One of the most essential hardware of computer is the microprocessor which acts as the main instrument around which all other functions carry out. Microprocessor is an incorporated chip on which several working are done. Its working is dependent on processing speed, and bit rate. You can normally find processors of 32 bit and 64 bit.
Then is the memory which makes an essential part of computer as well. There is a permanent memory which is the magnetic storage capacity of the hard disk of the system and secondly there is RAM (random access memory). RAM is required to run the software. You can find 512 – 1024 megabytes RAM depending on your needs.

Then there is the Hard Disc where all the data of a system is kept. There are hard drives of up to 80 gigabytes which can be obtained. There is Optical drive which is a CD and DVD drive which is used for playing or recording anything on the disc. One of the latest computer hardware is Wi-Fi. It is basically meant for using internet without cables. Then there are host of other hardware including motherboard, screen, mouse etc. All these hardware together make a computer work in coordination with software.

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