How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

by Johnathan
Improving SEO

This is a common question “How to Improve Search Engine Ranking“. Actually people want to learn about the best way to improve search engine ranking very fast. If you can bring your blog on Google search results first page with good keywords then automatically you drive huge traffic from search engines. Search engines should deliver 100% real visitors to you. But this is not easy to improved search engine ranking easily at this moment. If you’ve quality backlinks, quality articles and if you done On Page SEO of your blog totally and if you do Off Page SEO  regularly to your website or blog then you can come on the first page of Google search. Let me share my Search Engine Optimization experience with you and I’ll try to explain everything that how you’ll improve search engine ranking.

Content Quality

If you read my blog regularly then you already understood that actually what I want to say. At this moment quality contents are so much important to improve search engine ranking in 2014. It also helps to drive targeted traffic and make them returning. A lot of people think that, big articles are good. No this is totally wrong. Google should not care about your article’s size or Google should not count to article’s words. At this moment, all search engines only care about quality article. If your article is information within 300 words, no problem. Another side, If you write 1500 words in your article but if your article is not informative then this should be difficult to improve search engine ranking easily in 2014 or maybe you can’t improve search ranking properly. So, be careful about your blog’s contents.

Guest Blogging

Since 2010 I’ve been using this method to improve search engine ranking. Guest blogging also helps to improve targeted traffic easily. Keep in your mind that, you’ll just submit an article on your niche blogs. If that blog is not your niche then this method should not help you properly. If you don’t know that, how to find relevant blogs to comment on then you may read another article to find your relevant blogs from search engines.

After reading this article you’ll be able to find your relevant blogs/ forums/ directories etc. from search engines. So, now find your relevant blogs with High PR. Choose those blogs where a lot of people should read your article. This is still working way to improve search engine ranking. You’ll be able to get good quality backlinks from those blogs. You’ll get two or three backlinks for per article.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a very working way to improve search engine ranking. I love to leave comments on my niche blogs regularly and I personally do it daily to improve my blog’s search engine ranking through blog commenting. You’ll just find your relevant blogs to comment on. I’ll suggest you to ignore only using the home page link of your site, you’ll also use your article’s link on the website box of the comment section. Sometimes you may use your social links to promote your social profiles when you should leave comments on your niche blogs. There are another article about blog commenting. I discussed there about blog commenting tips.

Don’t try to use any link in comment section. Remember, if your comment is good and original then moderators should approve your comment. I’ll suggest you to write minimum 3/5 sentence for commenting. Blog commenting can improve search engine ranking if that blog is your niche. So, find your relevant blogs from search engines. If you don’t know how to find relevant blogs to comment on then you may read another article.

Update Your Blog Daily

This is important because it’s proving that you are serious about your blog. If you want to update your blog daily with informative then the chance is more to get good ranking on search engines. If you update your blog regularly then you’ll get new traffic regularly. If I don’t update my blog one day, that day I get half traffic than previous days. Google should crawl your blog daily if you update your blog daily. So, it is very important to improve search engine ranking. Target to write minimum one article per day for your blog, in this case – after a month you have 30 articles, so after 6 months 30*6 = 180 articles. But keep in your mind that you’ll only write informative articles to your blog. In Asian countries, people can’t get a Google Adsense account within the first 6 months but if someone has huge informative article then he/she should able to get Google Adsense account approval. So, if you are beginner and from Asian countries then target to write a daily minimum one article. This should help you to improve your search engine ranking easily.

I’ve written about Google Adsense because in Asian countries people are suffering for Google Adsense but why they don’t understand that, the time is not a deal. If you are serious then write daily 4/5 informative articles, you’ll get a Google Adsense account within 2/3 months. What you should do with your Google Adsense account, if you’ve less amount traffic? So, generally it takes minimum 6 months to improve traffic and ranking and quality of your blog.

404 Errors/ Crawl Errors

 I just hate these pages. Not only me – every person and search engines hate this kind of pages. When someone searches in search engines it shows that the page is live but after visiting into the page it show nothing found! Not only for search engines. You’ve inserted a link but after someday that link is not working; this called 404 Errors. Google along other search engines hate this very much. So, delete all crawl errors of your blog or website. Visit Google Webmaster Tool to check all crawl errors and then use Google Link Removal to remove those links.

Participate in Forums

As I know, Google and other search engines love forum backlinks. This is really easy. Some people think that, Forums are still not working to improve search engine ranking or drive targeted traffic. But I believe that, this method still working. You just have to participate in high PR forums who are in your niche. Signature your account, with your blog’s link. Please don’t try to download huge forums list. Some blogs write these kinds of articles with list of high PR forums. But, this is not natural. Just find out your niche forums and participate there. If you don’t know that how to find relevant forums then read another article please.

On-Page SEO

This is so much important at this moment. I already discussed about some parts of On Page SEO in this article but it should better to you if read about On Page SEO properly from another article of this blog. Many people don’t care about this properly. So, optimize your blog’s On Page SEO properly first then go for link building and other SEO process. This is the first job after publishing a blog or website completely.  This should be difficult to improve search engine ranking if, you forget to do On Page SEO for your blog.

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