Types of Motherboards

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Motherboard or a PCB, is a central printed circuit board. It is basically a system board which is included in personal computers. In the brand Apple, a motherboard is called the logic board. And sundry motherboards productions are for IBM-compatible computers. And that is around 90% over the globe. The mother board is basically a power house of the computer that provides other components within, with electric connections for their working. It is interconnected with the sub devices, as well as the CPU (central processing unit). And besides computers as mentioned, it is also used in misc. electronic devices for example mobiles, clocks, stop watches and sundry other electronic devices. The form factor of a motherboard can be said as per how the laying of the components is on the motherboard. Concerning this, ATX plus its variants are seen to most commonly used form factor.

There are certain types of motherboards under which the efficiency of a motherboard is classified into. On the whole its primary objective is to distribute the power within the central processing unit equally so that all parts within work with coordination being integrated. The important part of a motherboard is a chipset supported micro processor. Due to this chipset supported micro processor, we are able to determine the capabilities and features of the motherboard, (to some extent).

 Types of Motherboards

Amongst the types of motherboards include full AT, Baby AT, Older AT and ATX, BTX, LPX, and NLX etc. Initially it is feasible to discuss about the type full AT which is 12/11” by dimensions. The reason of its dejection was that dive bays amidst, used to hung and leading to disconnection of the communications between some items on the motherboard. This resulted in tough situations in which the installing and the troubleshooting were merely possible. Externally what regarded this as a glitch was its cooling problem due to the insertion of expansion cards. There was no room left for ventilation. Another type of motherboard discussed is Baby AT which until recent years was most renowned motherboards with the dimensions 8.5/10”. Due to the presence of a DIN keyboard connector at the top-right corner, it was easily recognized. It is about two third of the full AT board. It had a mixture of slots located on the system board and possessed plug and play BIOS. ATX board is the recent most used type of motherboards, which supported the Pentium 2 processors and AGP slot was included in these, which named it as ATX. Its dimensions are 7.5/12” and have all the ports included in it and integrated i.e. USB ports plus all IO ports. It was the first to introduce 100MHz bus, where as earlier supported 60-66 MHz

The manufacturers who were considered as early pioneers in motherboard production were DFI, Orchid Technology, DTK, AMI etc where as now gigabyte, asus, mercury etc are the manufacturers.

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