10 Hearty Birthday Wishes for Sister

From the sweet little sisters to the bossy elder ones, we have got the list for all exceptions here. It always feels good to make your loved ones happy, especially ladies. And when it’s your sister, you should make her birthday count and make her feel special and wanted in your life and wish her a Happy Birthday. Below are the Top Birthday Greetings of this year.

wishes for sister



  1. Happy Birthday, my gorgeous little sister, I know you’ve grown taller and elder but you always be a cute little one to me. God bless you.
  2. To my dear little mischievous devil, we fight, call each other names, kick , shove, punch, etc. but nobody else gets to do that with you as I’m here to protect you from others. Happy Birthday.
  3. Happy Birthday dear sister, I promise to be your guide, protector, mentor and even your parent at times when you need it. I believe you are very talented and I wish that you achieve all the goals that you wish for as I believe in you, sister. Her is a gift for you.
  4. I promise to be by your side and make everything alright for you when you feel blue. I promise to be the perfect brother. Happy Birthday gorgeous.
  5. We have been best friends since childhood and that will continue always. However, don’t expect me to pick you up when you fall without laughing even if we’re older now. As we will always be the crazy friends with the same level of insanity. Happy birthday.
  6. Remember when you had your first break up? I literally embarrassed your boyfriend in front of the whole school and made him say dory to you. I know it was mean and you didn’t talk to me for that for a couple of days but that was the extent of which I love my little sister. Remember, I am here for you and to protect you. Happy Birthday.
  7. Happy birthday, sister. You always have protected me like an elder brother, you fight like crazy and you love like crazy. There is no way I would’ve wanted to replace you with an elder brother as you only have an outer packaging of a girl, inside, you’re tough. I love you.
  8. Thank you, sister, thank you for always having my back, for caring and loving and lighting up my path like a streetlight and helping me cover the distance by myself and my confidence. You’re the reason behind all my success. Happy Birthday.
  9. You care, you love and you share your experiences so that I choose the right path and never get hurt. You are the one person who loves me the most and I love you too sister. Happy Birthday.
  10. To the boxing matches on our beds in childhood to the teasing and nagging, I still do with you, it’s our unique bond that has the insanity and the caring for each other. It’s funny the relationship siblings share and on your birthday, I promise to be the same with you but care more, guide more and protect you forever from all the troubles. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday Dear Nephew

Nephews are the cutest kids who give you an amazing feeling of having a child. They laugh and the family laughs, they frown and there’s a dead silence like a neighborhood with no chirping birds. Nephews can be mischievous, sweet, hideous and many more things that they cannot be in front of their parents. They grow up to find a companion in us and we all love being their godfathers and godmothers for that matter. Here, we present a list of best happy birthday wishes for your nephews to make them feel special and loved.

wishes for nephew


  1. To the cutest nephew, you filled our life with cheer and utter happiness, happy birthday.
  2. Happy birthday to the most well-behaved child who knows how to obey his elders and is very intelligent. I have a feeling you will grow up to be a very wise man dear.
  3. Happy Birthday, fatty. Don’t eat too much as I know you will explode. I hope this birthday brings you happiness and make our bond stronger with the funny portions added in it.
  4. I wish the best nephew a very Happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true and the struggles make you stronger each day.
  5. To my amazing nephew whom I raised like my own, I love you and remember, whenever you need me I will be there for you. Good luck for your life ahead and a happy birthday.
  6. Happy Birthday dear nephew. You have a lot of potential in you and I will always believe in your achievements and that you fulfill your ambitions. So stay strong and take the path your heart desires.
  7. To the cute, funny and mischievous nephew who can think of never ending pranks and is a delight to babysit, happy birthday son and may god bless you.
  8. I know time can be hard, there are times when you want to be all by yourself and try new things, I won’t say no for everything and ground you but I would always support the good decisions you make and I should be certain of what you do. On your birthday, I promise to be by your side always. Happy Birthday, nephew.
  9. I have always been glad to have that attention from you, for the bond we share and for the trust you lay upon me. Happy Birthday and I hope this relationship only grows. God bless you.
  10. Happy Birthday, son. I am proud to call you as one of my own and you have always made me proud of what you do. Stay inspired and stay strong.
  11. Happy Birthday dear nephew. You will always have a special space in my heart even if you grow up to be taller than me, because your godfather will always be your godfather.
  12. Your parents used to scold you and you would come running to hide behind me and that’s how we started caring for each other and our relationship grew stronger. I wish you get everything you want in life and achieve everything you aspire for. Remember, just like your childhood, I am here for you even in the middle of the night.


10 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Brother

A chance to wish your brothers, your possessive protectors and your caretakers who are harsh for the world but you, the ones who treat you like princesses, a chance to wish them a happy birthday and showcase your love towards them. Even the harshest person melts for his sister’s love and kind words and your brother’s birthday is just the right opportunity for you to make him realize that you know how he feels inside and you care. We bring you birthday wishes for younger brother to cheer them up and make them feel happy reading your messages on their birthday.

birthday greetings for brother


  1. Happy Birthday my protector, confidante and the person who I know, loves me the most and I love you too brother.
  2. It’s pretty easy to explain your character brother, I’d say you’re like a coconut who only pretends to be harsh for the world but is the softest person for his sister. You are one person I know inside out and on your birthday, I pledge to protect your feelings, to obey you and trust you all my life. Thank you for being there and a Happy Birthday brother.
  3. To the cutest little brother who is like a plum teddy bear, whom I can hug and sleep at night and whose cheeks I can pull all the time and turn them red, a very Happy Birthday and may god bless your cuteness.
  4. Being my youngest brother you have never made me feel unprotected, you have always had my back, been a chamber of my secrets and protected me like any elder brother would. I am lucky to have you in life brother and a happy birthday.
  5. Who says only blood relations are true relations? Being an only child I’ve always wanted a brother and then you came, fulfilling all my dreams, teasing me and caring for me just like a real brother. Thank you for always being there and a happy birthday.
  6. To Mr. Good looks and Mr. Arrogant, no matter how harsh you’re on me, I’ve always known the extent to which you love me and would nail down any guy who even tries to touch me. I know there’s a very soft and caring person inside this shell and its okay to let it out. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday.
  7. To the humorous part of my life who cracks poor jokes all the time, talks all sorts of crap and cheers me up when I’m low, Happy birthday and always stay the same.
  8. Happy Birthday to the gem of my life. To the person who scolds me when I’m wrong, guides me through the right path and gives me his shoulder when I need to cry real badly. I don’t know what I would do without you brother.
  9. Happy Birthday baby boy, you’re the youngest and the cutest member of our family. Grow up to be the strongest and protect me when I need you.
  10. I don’t know how you always seem to know what’s going on in my mind and I’d have to say that you totally spoiled me with all your love. I thank god for creating only one antique piece of you and granting it to me. Happy Birthday.

10 Amazing birthday wishes for granny


For the cute, old and amazing grandmas who spend their life after their children looking after us and caring for us, it’s time to make them realize how much we love them and wish them a Happy Birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday to the best granny in the whole world. You’re a fighter and the strongest lady in my life. May god bless you and give you a thousand more happy years to spread your positive attitude and cheer.
  2. Happy Birthday, granny. I am grateful for having such amazing parents and even more grateful to you for guiding them and loving me so much. I know I’m the apple of your eye and I love you too. God bless you.
  3. There might be a generation gap between us, but granny you’ve adapted yourself to ours faster than mom and dad and that is what I love about you. From your old-school knitting of sweaters to posting your present day fights with mom on YouTube for fun, you’re the best person in my life and I love you. Happy Birthday.
  4. Happy Birthday grandma, there was a time when I couldn’t sleep without listening to your amazing stories, they always interested me and still do, I don’t know where you get them from and how you make them so interesting but my grandma’s stories will always inspire me throughout my life to stay strong and positive.
  5. Unlike other old ladies you don’t crib, you don’t fight with your daughter-in-law and you don’t gossip all the time. You’re very different and that is what I love about you, granny. You play pranks with me, sing and dance and well, dress to impress at parties in amazing clothes. Stay the same cool grandmom always. Happy Birthday and I love you.
  6. Happy Birthday to the sweetest grandma who bakes the best chocolate chip cookies in the whole wide world. Now, even if you won’t put much sugar in the cookies, they’ll be sweet from your sweetness and love.
  7. From your delicious cookies and brownies to your midnight fairytales, from your chasing me around to feed food to the amazing melodies that you taught me, you have always been a complete package for me grandmom and I love you no matter what. Happy Birthday.
  8. To the crafty meticulous lady who likes everything to perfection, from her perfect brownies to her perfectly knit sweaters for us, from her perfect looks to her perfect cooking, nobody has ever seen a woman like you and neither will. We love you grandma and wish you a Happy Birthday. May you celebrate every birthday of yours for years to come with us.
  9. May your birthday be as pretty as a lily and you blossom everyday with it, may people get a chance to share your goodness, kindness and the fun part of you among themselves. Happy Birthday.
  10. For a religious lady you are, with your forgiving and kind nature and the way you nurtured dad, these are all examples of the amazing kind of lady that you are. Thank you for looking after us and sticking the family and being the glue in it. Happy Birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes

Belated Birthday wishes to cover up your delay

Whether you forgot a birthday or missed it on purpose or were close to wishing the ones you love just before the end of their birthday, we have got the situation sorted out for you. It can still be forgiven if you forgot a birthday, but not wishing the person at all can be a crime. The birthday people tend to forgive the late wishes compared to the ones who don’t wish at all. So hold yourself together and wish your loved ones, a belated happy birthday to you love. Take a look at our awesome collection of friendly birthday wishes, Funny birthday quotes and wishes as well as gallery.

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  1. I wish you a very Belated Happy Birthday. May god bless you and give you the presence of mind to forgive me for wishing so late. Sorry and I love you too.
  2. Happy Belated Birthday dear. I know I can be very busy at times and as usual, I was really caught up. Forgive me with your lovely smile and stay blessed always.
  3. For the network connection that will always find your signal eventually, for the amazing bond we share regardless of the distance, I hope you forgive me for wishing you late again. Happy belated birthday.
  4. I know a birthday can never wait and I apologize for being so busy in the past few days. Happy belated birthday to you and I wish for all the worldly pleasures in your feet.
  5. Happy Belated Birthday. I’m sorry for wishing you so late but remember, I care for you the most and I’ll make this one count when I meet you. Till then take care and enjoy.
  6. I hope you can forgive me for wishing you so late. I know I forget it every time but isn’t it good to have someone to remind your birthday even after the day is over and cheer for you? Ha-ha, you know my humor and me and I will love you always. Happy Belated birthday and party hard.
  7. Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you enjoyed a lot without me since I have a slow life compared to your fast one. Maybe this is one reason your birthdate just arrived according to my time so I think I’m the first one to wish you. So Happy birthday again.
  8. I know this is late, but it might give you another reason to party another day and celebrate this amazing time with me. Happy belated birthday and yeah, sorry for being late.
  9. Happy Belated birthday. I held on to wishing you on your day just so I could get a chance to celebrate your day with you alone, without your friends or family. So this day is completely financed by me and wish for anything and it’ll be yours, including me.
  10. I hope my text finds you in an amazing health. As a matter of difference in time zones, I tend to miss your birthday only once a year, so please forgive me. You know I love you and you know I care happy belated Birthday princess and party hard.